Our Other Brands

Brands & Segments Under isomars 

After a long journey and constant support of our happy satisfied customers we have launched a range of new products under the new brand CANVAA in year 2023 that includes a variety of items such as Acrylic Colours & Paints, Oil-Pastels, Paint Brushes, Crayons etc. We, as Canvaa, are continuously working to provide the best art materials at genuine & affordable prices to our customers worldwide, retail or bulk.


Other Segments Under isomars

DRAFTLINE : Under this segment we provide a wide range of technical instruments to architects and designers worldwide which also include Drafting tools, Drafting Boards, Stands etc.

TECHNOART : Technoart is a leading Fine Drawing Instruments segment under isomars Technoart that includes Technical Drawing Pens and Pen inks along with the Pen Sets, Attachments, Compass etc.

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